Imperial Bank Uganda Buyout

While the fate of Imperial Bank in Kenya is yet to be known, it seems to have been concluded in Uganda, where Imperial Bank had a Ugandan subsidiary  with 5 branches, in which the Kenyan bank held 59% of the shares.

Today, in a series of tweets, the Bank of Uganda ‏(@BOU_Official), announced that a new majority shareholder, Exim Bank of Tanzania had bought out the shares, and renamed the bank as Exim Bank Uganda, and with a new board of directors.

They were thus lifting the statutory  management and expect the bank operations  to ‘continue normally.’  No word yet on how much was paid, or who the payment was made to, and if there’s any reaction by the  former majority owners of the bank (Imperial Kenya).

The Business Daily story notes that :

The Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) on Tuesday disclosed that Imperial Bank Kenya’s 58.6% stake in its Ugandan subsidiary was sold to Exim Bank for $6.8 million (692.4 million).

The Sh316.5 million balance between the sale price and the amount to be remitted to the Kenyan unit will be used to cover transaction costs and liabilities of the Ugandan operation. The Kenya Deposit Insurance Corporation (KDIC), the receiver manager of the collapsed Imperial Bank Kenya, will receive the amount.