IMF generally happy with Kenya

The IMF has a positive outlook for Kenya, and expects the economy to grow at above 5.5% this year despite the persistent drought and inflation in the country, but is still unhappy with governance issues.

5 thoughts on “IMF generally happy with Kenya

  1. Anonymous

    IMF can go to hell!! Kenya should gather a pot of money, repay its (squandered) loans to rid us of these leeches. Of course, the biggest leeches are our leaders; they are happy doing deals with IMF.

  2. kamujinga

    @anonymous, if sisi wajinga elected those leaders (which there is no doubt we did), and they borrowed on our behalf and squandered the money, Mr Anonymous, sisi wanjinga wenyewe gots to pay back that money.


    What could happen if Kenya chooses to go the way of Botswana and have nothing to do with IMF.

    Though this is only an option if several things were to happen:

    much less graft
    MP’s with more focus
    sisi wananchi not accepting less than promised by our leaders and demanding accountability

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