IHub Launch

My A to Z notes from two days later;

thanks to @ushahidi, @ihubNairobi @whiteafrican @kenyanpundit @jessicacolaco @wanjiku, Conrad

Access thanks to @wanjiku gave me the iHub password and introduced me to Dorothy Ooko of Nokia

Comments you get fewer of these at blog, the more active you are on twitter

Developers filled the launch. did not meet @iddsalim who on the same day published a nice piece on when Safaricom met developers on possible improving times & relations for developers wishing to partner with mobile giant safaricom.

Forests – chat with @ngeny and @swmaina on the danger of man-made forests – don’t support ecology (crops around them die forest die) no animals inhabit them,

F1 – Formula one about to start, will be watching with @moseskemibaro and anyone else welcome to join and chat

Funding is the next step to work on at iHub according to Eric

Gatecrashers 250+ attendees according to iHub launch tweet, (was supposed to be 50) many had to cool off with Tusker on the balcony

Geeks are Cool – phrase coined by Mrs M

ICT board CEO Paul Kukubo spoke and they will be represented at iHub in future by @kaburo

iPub open bar was flowing, until the people switched to Yoghurt

KTN anchor Larry Madowo uses his TV platform to highlight tech happenings better than anyone else in Kenya – his news piece about the launch.

Mamamikes makes friends – Segeni’s roommate was Moses and one of their good US customers is now back in Kenya as an art gallery boss.

Management stress; talked with @kaboro on the fatigue of management (being strangled by neck ties)

Museum for technology was my pitch to Google’s Joe Mucheru to remind people how far things have progressed in a short time. Put up a display with a 28.8 modem (one day a developer will ask what’s a modem?), Ericsson flip phone or cupboard TV set that only works from 5 PM to 11PM.

Photos event galleries at Kenyan Poet and Africa Knows

Sevilla, Mr. Joe an icon of the Strathmore University institution, tech before there was tech (IDPM)

Shirts to mark the iHub launch ran out, got a small size which is fine.

Twitter folk: @egmphotos thanks for tip on how to use a binoculars as a zoom lens for a camera, @jwanyama and @sheilaafrica taught me photo edit tips and how to send photo submissions to Africa knows, but also (ate) my plate of nyama choma, @sportinkenya – clock is ticking, @edobie- first time meeting this wannabegeek.co.ke.
– People did not see but saw them in photos: @pesapal, @afrinnovator @kachwanya, Vincent Wangombe (KDN), @gotissuez, @creditsms.
– People I saw but did not get proper chat with – Isis Nyongo (Google), @kenyanpundit (made a future date), @pkukubo, @mato74, Denis Gikunda, @ToneeNdungu (a very busy MC),

Uchumi is across the street for foods & stuff @jmugambi and I passed there to try and keep it profitable

Vandalism of fibre cable is not a bad as some people claim and seems to affect some companies more than others according to Riyaz

Yoghurt Kahenya’s presentation on natural yoghurt was the highlight of the evening, despite him having a car accident that day.

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    Banks, surely kuuliza si ujinga. I don’t mean to ruffle some feathers here but what was the objective behind the yoghurt presentation and ihub?

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