Idea Exchange: Local Techies

The last Nairobi skunkworks forum introduced me to a couple of interesting local companies, so let me add some more to the list.

From the mail-box are recent pitches from local companies, some of which I’m interested in, some I’m experimenting with, and others I am yet to check out – check them out, give them a try, hare comments, and learn about more these local tech companies

1. From Nigeria comes UBA Bank, Just licensed in Kenya, the one bank (other than stanbic bank (SA) that has embraced new media tools for communications such as marketing, customer service and investor information – has a twitter account, facebook group, (even an Arsenal FC fan page) and are very responsive to online queries; will any Kenyan bank step up and match that?

2. Also from Nigeria is Text2fly a mobile service that lest your search for flights putting a travel agent in your mobile phone. Not flown much of late and next flight is likely to be local, but I’d personally be interested in a service that lets me know what’s available, – like Kenya last minute see 10.

3. Uzanunua bills itself as a a cost effective way for Kenyans to buy & sell goods through online auctions e.g. cars, property

4. Freeview is a basic free digital television service, with no monthly fees
5. Webpesa is a local ad revenue generator for local blogs and publishers, a local adsense that allows small payments .e 500 shillings by m-pesa or zap, a fraction of the $100 adsense cheques.

6. The Strawberry Store is a web store for gifts, furnishings and accessories that brings IKEA to your door step

7. Ignite has new workshops series for October and November that cover mentoring, networking, negotiation and other skills at affordable package for entrepreneurs

Those I know

8. Book Villa I’ve been a members of this book club for a couple of years – and for 2,000 shillings (~$26) read all the fiction and non fiction books (borrow & return two at a time) you want to.

9. Mamamikes reminds you that Kenyan kids are about to undertake primary and secondary level final examinations and how you can send the gift packages for motivation and luck.

10. Kenya last minute has last minute travel offers for harried workers in need of an instant vacation and includes disounted hotels, air tickets etc.

11. I’ve just joined Zuqka which is the brain child of Kahenya. If I describe it as a local facebook/magazine/TV platform, what would Kahenya call it?

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