How to Change your Stockbroker

Republished from January 2006.

Change your stockbroker – a.k.a. central depository agent (CDA) – by taking these steps to transfer a shares (CDS) account to a new broker.

1. Complete and sign CDS 4A and 4B and submit both to current and new CDA (all stockbrokers have these forms).
2. Sign account opening forms with new CDA.
3. Keep signed copy of security transfer forms for own records.

It can take one day for the new arrangement to be effective – if processed before 12 PM. Shareholders can also contact the NSE’s business development department ( or send complaints (

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9 thoughts on “How to Change your Stockbroker

  1. Anonymous

    hi guys
    was jst wondering, is there a way of appointing a beneficiary or a next of kin in these cds accounts, coz there is a possibility of death to the account holder.

  2. pesa tu

    Blueswift: you must file a Succession with a lawyer through the High Court, to be named a beneficiary then get the shares distributed to you.
    Its a long process.

  3. Anonymous

    Merci pour tout (thanks for all) as usual.
    and thanks for link to Steve Pavlina’s blog!! – isn’t that our ultimate goal? when you can make money while sleeping!!

  4. Supuu

    Bankelele, thanks for the infor. Quick question though…on Holy Cow’s comment, are stock brokers allowed to charge more than 2.0%?

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