Homeless Part II

The apartment search continues and I had settled on a nice place on Mbagathi Way. But today a shocking notice was placed in the newspapers that Mbagathi Way will be closed for 2 months to Westward-bound vehicle traffic from March 1 to facilitate completion (cementing) of the road repairs.

I predict a public uproar over this proposed move as there are tens of thousands of residents who live in ever-increasing apartments on the highway not to mention the thousands of cars that travel between Ngong and Langata roads along Mbagathi Way – and the Ministry or Roads & the Contractor will probably be forced to scale down their plans, perhaps to allow single lane traffic alongside road-repair crews.

Online help
The best site I have found for apartment searches is Nyumbanet. Another service, that I used to like was The Property Gallery but it’s now inactive.

Some real estate agents also keep up to date information on their (pricey) apartments such as Knight Frank, Neptune, Regent and Villa Care. Also check out Property Kenya and other online real estate agents listed here.

One thought on “Homeless Part II

  1. Guessaurus

    Good info Bankelele – good luck with that.

    Give me a day or so and the number and details will be with you. Sorry for the delay – sometimes google is more reliable than humans you know… 🙁

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