Hello WordPress

After almost 9 years of blogging on Google /Blogger, the blog has finally been migrated over to WordPress.

This is still a work in progress and I am still learning all the fun stuff on WordPress (and dealing with new volumes of spam) and all the new features on that I was never keen on, as I was focused on content, first.

The good folk at Angani have patiently walked me through the (ongoing) migration progress, coming over to visit and answering numerous newbie queries.

Over the next few days

– More features will be added

– Themes may change

– The (popular) reading list of other blogs will be restored

Feel free to suggest WordPress plug-ins and other business tools to add and also send in information of gaps in the site to fix

One thought on “Hello WordPress

  1. Jazz Singh

    Wow, I did notice the speed at which it loaded was much faster. Looks like a positive step to me. Good luck with the migration!

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