Heineken in Kenya

Heineken has now been officially launched in Kenya. It will be imported and distributed by Kenya Breweries and may eventually be brewed in Nairobi, if sales are impressive. This is the second premium beer launched by KBL in a month (after White Cap Light, a low carb and alcohol beer, targeted at female executives). Review’s of White Cap Light by people I know have not been good – saying the beer is just water.

However Heineken is a great beer, but I wish they had launched it in bigger bottles. In most of the US, Heineken is sold in 12 ounce (oz.) bottles and cans, but in poor (minority) communities, it is sold in 24. oz. bottles to compete better against cheaper 40-ounce malt liquor brands.

While KBL admits that most Kenyan are migrating towards illicit and cheaper brands these days, they have still continued to focus on the premium brand segment that is only growing at 2%. Still, it’s a great addition to the market and will be sold at 100/=.

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