Guaranteed Rent

One Kibera landslum lord has a novel way of ensuring that tenants are up to date on their payments. If you default on your rent, he sends a crew out and they remove the door of your house. Needless to say, you’ll be out looking for you landlord to pay up/settle the matter and retain possession of your household assets.

10 thoughts on “Guaranteed Rent

  1. Unyc

    LMAO!!!! What! Thats a psycho landlord but pretty gd move.

    Btwn, I ws hving lunch 2day with my colleagues and one told us of a certain family, n the hubby used 2 pay rent for their house. The only thing he dint know about was that the house they were leaving in was 4 his wife! She did it intentionally and she kept the money till after 20yrs when she told the hubby the truth and they bought a house in South C. She hd not spent even a single cent.
    I ws shocked. 20yrs!!

  2. Ig-know-rant

    We must be headed to the dogs, vision 2030 notwithstanding. With landlords removing tenants’ doors, and wives turning to be their husbands’ landlords, I’ll not be surprised if I hear of a parent who charges his/her kids bus fare for dropping them to school in the family car.

  3. pesa tu

    U know they say ‘dawa ya moto ni moto’.You can’t enforce rent arrears against a tenant with whom you have no written agmt.
    Imagine serving a written notice for a shack in Kibera. Impossible.

    so u have to use unorthodox measures

  4. Anonymous

    The market, when left alone, will always come up with ways of dealing with problems between consumers and suppliers. Removing doors may be a crude way, but it is better than a politician’s solution. Remember the 2003 political solution? It was a disaster.

  5. Rista

    bank.. that’s nada. I have a rela who got workers to remove the roof of a rental hao on a fine friday morning (5am) and she took off to coast for the weekend… 3 days bila roof. Don’t remember if she was trying to get the guys to pay up or move out.

  6. bankelele

    Ig-know-rant: There’s much hope & much good, these are rare cases – true, but funny (our own obscurestore)

    Pesa tu & Shiroh: Not many tenants in Kibera rush to take their landlords to court or have time for notices and laweyer fees (sorry ;->)

    Kimani Njoroge: This has noting to do with politics, nor should it thankfully

    Rista: Your rela is cold!

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