Giving banks a legal hand

The judiciary has been the bane of banks, taking forever to get things cleared. You can apply for a case against a debtor today and be told the next hearing date available is in 2008.

Something is very wrong when a case can’t be heard for almost ten months. There’s enough blame to go round – complex cases heard using archaic processes, too few judges, judges who take too long to clear cases, lazy/crafty lawyers who seek a postponement for any reason to keep cases going on forever etc.

The Chief Justice tried to give a helping hand in his gazette notice to stop one delaying avenue where matters relating to a case are presented in different courtrooms around the country. The most visible case has been the ongoing Charterhouse Bank saga which has been in courthouses in Nairobi, Malindi and Eldoret leading to conflicting legal positions.


from the daily papers last week
– Accountant at Bakri international (oil company). Apply to by 25/3
– Senior associate at Creative Associates International. Apply to by 23/3
Ernst & Young: tax trainees and an accountant. Apply to by 30/3
Huawei: transmission engineer, wireless engineer, and intelligent network engineer. Apply to by 30/3
– Communications specialist at ILRI. Apply to b 30/3
– Property manager at international house limited. Apply to by 26/3
KPMG: audit manager (AM-07), senior internal auditor & internal auditors (IAS-07), tax manager (TM-07) and tax consultants (TC-07). Apply to by 30/3
– Cluster manager at millennium villages. Millennium Promise is a partnership of the Earth Institute (Columbia University) and the World Agroforestry center. Apply to by 30/3
National Oil Corp of Kenya: depot accountants (Nakuru & Eldoret), and a credit controller. Apply to by 29/3
– National coordinator – African peer review mechanism at NEPAD Kenya secretariat. Apply to by 23/3
– Business development manager at Savings & Loan (KCB subsidiary).
– Financial management specialist at the World Bank. Kenya. Details and apply online by 30/3. Also, financial management consultants (6 months and 12 months) – D/L is 11/4
World Vision: ICT manager at world vision, Manager – KUTER initiative, and (RMB/IMCI) program officer. Apply to by 30/3

4 thoughts on “Giving banks a legal hand

  1. Sue

    Leave alone those ones.. there are cases which go on for a very long time.. i have a rela with a case in court since 1985.. Bado it’s not been solved. And then they put so much cash to these cases and yet they all know hey will never get solved.. Like e.g, how many times have we reviewed the Ouko murder and The Githongo one..
    I agree on the fact of lazy/crafty lawyers and corrupt judges too.. I think that’s the major cause of all this

  2. bankelele

    Sue: Court is a nightmare for individuals and a money waster for clients even without politics attached – injunctions, pleas, appeals, break in orders, stays, etc. and for each a court process, you have to pay lawyer & court fees

    punda2milia: got the answer?

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