From Banks to Chips

IFC funds D-Trust diversification: Diamond Trust Bank will get a $45 million (Kshs. 3.2 billion) loan from the Investment Finance Corporation this year: a subordinated loan of $15 million; and $30 million for housing finance, on lending to SMEs, consumer financing, education/student loans, health-care, and agribusiness financing. (Note: I own shares in Diamond Trust)

Super Barclays: Barclays Kenya is the first bank to announce ‘its profits for 2007. They are up about 7% from the subdued profit of Kshs. 7 billion ($100 million), but the profits of Barclays makes in African Countries mean that the units are too expensive for Absa

From the Blogs
– Local TV leader KTN follows NTV by expanding into Uganda
– Just how free is free secondary education?
Inflation update: One common item I missed in inflation tracker is Chips (French fries). They are a popular Nairobi meal that’s cheap, and filling, often goes well with a ¼ chicken from Kenchic. But the price of chips has shot up in the post election period – from 20- 30 shillings ($0.4) for a pack/plate, to abut Kshs. 50 – 60 ($0.85) at the same Kenchic joints. The price of cooking oil has also gone up by about 30 – 40% in supermarkets – which may be contribute, as would the availability of potatoes which were produced in clash-hit areas.

5 thoughts on “From Banks to Chips

  1. Acolyte

    What in the blue blazes is going on!!!!! Not the fries?!!!! What are the millions of hard working Kenyans in the city now going to eat for lunch?!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Free education my ass, just wait till they are hit with the school bus fund, swimming pool fund and all the other funds that schools use to milk people for cash.

  2. bankelele

    Aco: Oh yes the fries cost that much. It’s funny that the ‘pricier’ joints are the ones who have not ‘adjusted’ their prices.
    – As for school funds, I need to ask Spidey how our school funds were eventualy used!

  3. justwhat?

    coca-cola meter
    its interesting that, while prices of fries and all else are heading up, the price of coca-cola (300ml) has maintained itself at about 17 shillings (even during the chaotic first weeks of january)
    whats the secret here?

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