Friday, News, Jobs, Part II

Mad house: The referendum period swung into full force with an absolute change in government priorities. Nation TV reported that the 10th anniversary celebration of the Kenya Revenue Authority which was supposed to be officiated by President Kibaki at KICC today was cancelled at the last-minute because he decided to host delegation of several Maasai leaders at a State House parley – where the usual exchange would be “we pledge our vote on the new constitution to you in exchange for the following …..”


Standard Chartered Bank 3 postings

Relationship manager:Work on customer products, new services, also managing risk and reviewing corporate client accounts. Applicants must have a finance degree, and 5 years work experience with a minimum 3 as a relationship manager.

Corporate finance manager: Work with relationship management teams to build relationships with senior management of key clients, structure deals, and come up with plans for their transactions. Applicants must have knowledge of oil, gas, telecom, and energy industries in Africa, project finance/corporate advisory experience, excellent understanding of capital products and a university degree with 7 years experience in corporate finance.

Tax manager East Africa: Who will Develop and implement tax strategies in East Africa. Applicants must be qualified accountants CPA/CA or equivalents) with at least 3 years exp. at a major accounting firm or international group, have good research, project, and analytical skills as well as knowledge of Kenya tax law & practices.

Apply to by October 31.

Internal auditor Ref no: ESS 395: For a dairy sector company who will review risk management systems and make recommendations, ensure audit compliance and provide value adding reports to the company. Applicants must have accounts or finance degree as well as a CPA (K) or ACCA qualification. Apply via pricewaterhousecoopers executive selection at by November 4.

Branch manager (insurance company):  Must have three years experience with well-known insurance firm, and a commerce degree (insurance option) or ACII. E-mail by October 28.


Reporters The Standard Group, publishers of the Standard and Sunday Standard are looking to hire the following

Job: Minimum requirements

  • News reporters (6 posts): post-grad degree in journalism/mass communications, aged 24 – 28, willing to work anywhere in Kenya at short notice.
  • Sports reporter: post-grad degree in journalism/mass comm., aged 25 – 30, good knowledge of sports
  • Sports correspondent: degree/diploma in journalism/mass comm., aged 25 – 30.
  • News correspondent (5 posts): university degree, good writer, aged 23 – 28, willing to work anywhere in Kenya.
  • Sub-editor (6 posts): degree in journalism/mass comm., aged 25 – 30,
  • Chief sub-editor: degree in journalism/mass comm., aged 28 – 26, experience working in a busy newsroom and as a subscription editor for 5 years.
  • Creative designer (2 posts); degree in fine arts/design, aged 25 – 30.
  • Editors (3 posts) post-grad degree in journalism/mass comm., with 4 years experience, aged 28 – 33, willing to work anywhere in Kenya
  • In addition to usual application stuff (CV, contact, references), include a recent pp size photo and e-mail to before October 29.

Cabin crew: (at) Qatar Airways … Love the requirements to join the “Best Cabin Crew” in the Middle East. Applicants should meet: Minimum age – 20 years, minimum height 157.5 cm, (minimum arm reach of 212 cm on tip toes) , minimum secondary education with good English skills and previous work experience in customer service, hospitality, nursing or the airline industry. Apply at their website

Friday Mix

Keep Smiling
One of the best mug shots I have seen – former Texas Republican leader Tom Delay was advised by his lawyer to look cheerful when he was arrested

Roar of the Dragon
This week Kenya Airways added flights to Guangzhou, another destination in China, just as the NY Times warned countries to beware of the stereotypical loud, rude and culturally naïve Chinese tourist

‘I Will Eat Your Dollars
The LA Times looks at Nigerians who write from cybercafes
promising you millions of dollars

4 thoughts on “Friday, News, Jobs, Part II

  1. Mimmz

    Now that I see this on your job posts, tell me this Bankelele; why do they require people to be a certain age? Why the age discrimination? I’m not convinced a 29 year old would be unable to perform the same job duties as a 28 year old, or a 31 year old for that matter. Do they explain this? It just seems wrong.

  2. Tee J

    Mimmz, same exact thing on my mind; why r kenyan employers still stuck on the age limit thing?! Aii. Writing # of years needed with experience should be enough.

    I saw the Tom Delay mugshot this morning in the news and couldn’t believe it. Hilarious.

  3. bankelele

    Three reasons I believe for the age caps (i) could be that’s the general age range of the office and they want people who fit (ii) putting an age it culls many hundreds of possible applicants (iii) also, if the job is hectic e.g. much travel, late hours – it makes sense to define the person they think can do the job by age (since they can’t say un-married, single applicants only in the advert).

  4. Anonymous

    yeah, this age thing really doesnt make sense i think its discrimination
    – its food for thought though just hit 30 and realizing that finding a job in kenya is not an option not that its has ever been – i know a bunch of people contemplating the move

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