Financial Revenge of the Mainstream

Have you ever navigated a bank or financial site, and tried to complete a transaction or upload a file, but found an inexplicable error? Even after re-checking all the fields, character formats, cell alignments, password & field lengths, it still does not work.  It might even be a matter of uploading a simple text file into the system and with all the proper steps followed, or even cutting & pasting from the bank’s sample file, it still won’t upload or allow you to move to the  level? 
The answer to this could be that you’re using a Mac computer or a Firefox  or other browser – and if you try the same process using a PC and/or Internet Explorer browser,  you might find that the problem is fixed, if there ever was one. 

Sometimes the site admins are aware of these quirks, and advise users to try and complete transactions using PC’s or by running Internet Explorer, while others may not be aware – even as platforms other than Windows and Internet Explorer are now just as common. Anyway, always have a PC nearby or run down to the secure cyber cafe instead of trying over and over,  and wasting a few needless and frustrating hours.

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