Farewell Mobitelea

Contained in the fine print of the Vodafone 2009 annual report, is a note:

During the year ended 31 March 2009, under an agreement with Mobitelea Ventures Limited, the Group completed the purchase of a 5% indirect equity stake in Safaricom increasing the Group’s effective interest in Safaricom to 40%

9 thoughts on “Farewell Mobitelea

  1. bankelele

    kainvestor: i’m sure vodafone will disclose

    PKW: it was best to end it really

    odegle: no i’d say the fatigue of zain

    chegepreneur: how much more?

    MainaT: no Surprise

    Rafiki: it’s all in the fine print

    inspectordanger: i’d say 1/2 that

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