Farewell CNBC Africa?

From July 2010, my favourite TV channel CNBC Africa is no longer available on free TV in Nairobi. CNBC Africa is not going away, just that it will be harder to find and more costly to reach.

A twitter message from the company shows that All Kenyan viewers should be advised that @cnbcafrica is completely exclusive to @DStv on Channel 410

So no more free broadcasts of the channel, only on for DSTV subscribers. Having CNBC in Kenya was a great addition to our local airwaves. It provided a forum for business talk, almost 24 hours a day, refreshing counter-programming e.g. on Sunday morning when every other free TV channel feels that it has to broadcast a noisy church sermon.

Many will miss the range of investor & industry analysis, business news and interviews from around Africa (South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria), Asia, Europe and the USA. Still the video’s of the day from the channel can still be found at the ABN Digital site that’s updated with fresh content on a daily basis.

Other reads: Business reporting is ‘hot’ in Africa with CNN market place Marketplace Africa and last weeks edition of the Diageo Africa Business Reporting Awards now in its seventh year. Also here’s a profile of CNBC Africa Nairobi anchor Terry Anne Chebet and another story from South Africa that gives an interesting insight to the underbelly of the profession.

7 thoughts on “Farewell CNBC Africa?

  1. kainvestor

    I think it is a wrong move for @CNBCAfrica to close down free service in Kenya. It had curved a sizable market niche. For a while there will be a gap…then we’ll move on.

  2. DEMBA

    am xtreme sad.l will miss those investment tips.l had bank on this T.V.so much that l wanted to buy Shares and bond .pliz sum1 pliz do sumthing so that me -am 23yrs old man-can get investment tips to help me participate in NSE .my dream sinces l was 16yrs was to become and work @ nse.my name is emmanuel

  3. bankelele

    kainvestor: i think it had a niche, but not much local advertizing

    charles: if we have iranian TV and 2/3 religious stations i can’t see why not a business oriented channel

    Kip: ABN is ‘orijino’

    DEMBA: just start, stop dreaming

  4. DEMBA

    how do l start ?what is the minum amount l need to have to start investing in nse and what r the requirements l need to have?

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