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Frivolous bank charge
Two weeks ago I wrote about the hour it took to deposit money into a Standard Chartered bank – with most of the delay being caused as tellers had to count out thousand of shilling notes by hand. And in a follow up today, the bank charged me 180 shillings ($2.45). For what? The wasted hour I spent there?

NMB Tanzania
At the National Micro finance Bank of Tanzania
– Manager treasury MT/05
– Zonal manager ZM/05
– Manager, public relations MPR/05
– Manager, employee relations MER/05
Apply through KPMG Kenya’s executive selection division esd@kpmg.co.ke by January 26.

independent financial advisors
At inter alliance international, one of the largest independent stockbrokers in the world and who are licensed as financial advisors in Kenyan and Uganda where they are expanding their offices, in addition to opening a new branch in Tanzania. Apply at africa@recruitsoffshore.com.

Tax auditors
At the Kenya Revenue Authority. Applicants must have a business degree, qualification in taxation, be members of ICPAK and have at least 3 years audit experience, preferably computer systems-related. Apply to the senior deputy commissioner, human resources, KRA P O Box 48240-00100 Nairobi by 27th January.

7 thoughts on “Excess & jobs

  1. Anonymous

    what is your opinion in regards to uchumi after merali purchased the icdc stake and is now the biggest shareholder, is that a good sign that uchumi will turn around and would yu recommend a buy on uchumi shares

  2. Mignon

    first time on your blog and just wanted to holla 🙂
    but why on earth would u wait for an hour to deposit money? are “money counting machines” that expensive? surely the bank can invest and buy at least one…

  3. Prousette

    I have noticed too that when you deposit cash into Stanchart there is a charge attached to it for reasons best known to the bank and maybe God!
    Cheque depositss are not charged.

  4. Kibet

    There must be some logical explanation why Stanchart charges its customers to deposit cash into their accounts. Somebody shld find out and reveal the unknown.

  5. bankelele

    cute angel: I had to deposit teh cash that day, I just didn’t expect that it would take that branch an hour to process 20 customers.

    Prousette & Kibet: Am trying to find out why (only) cash deposits are penalized

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