Event Blogging from Tanzania

2008 was still a great year for the blog except for my low travel schedule – travel is invigorating and is the my life blood of writing and I really hope to do more out-of-town corporate excursions this new year.

Almost a year ago I was fortunate to get a gig at for AllAfrica (thanks Mental) to cover and write about a factory opening in Arusha.

I had read the authoritative conference blogging guide by Ethan Zuckerman and gratefully hit the road with an interesting group of media types, on a brief escape from the post-election machinations going on in Nairobi

Here’s the two-part report of the factory opening (see also the official factory site)

4 thoughts on “Event Blogging from Tanzania

  1. hash

    Maybe we’ll catch eachother on the road together again? Shoot me your list of conferences and events and I’ll add them to the WhiteAfrican Tech Events calendar.

    Happy New Year my friend.

  2. ka-investor

    pass on some events this sides, i can attend some if they conviently organised. I will be inviting you to some events this year. Happy new year.

  3. bankelele

    hash: Happy new year, this wasn’t a blogging event per se, but I welcome any travel opportunity.

    ka-investor: no doubt we’ll meet somewhere in ’09

  4. kenyanobserver

    I LOVE travel.

    Did it a lot before the kids were born – corporate, personal and jua kali.

    Just started traveling again but this economy has thrown a wrinkle on things. Hopefully 2009 will be better.

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