End of month psychology – part 2

After fifth call to your contact at the Bank SMS’s you back to announce that your salary has been posted to your account. You leap up, hi-five everyone, then dash down to make the first of what will be many withdrawals. You don’t mind the queues for once, and even say hi to the branch manager to bankers. Suddenly you are eager to renew acquaintances and buy a 500-shilling scratch card. “Hi Faith, let’s do lunch,” “Chris let’s catch one on Friday”, “Paul see you at GP Karting on Sunday.” You call home, and say “don’t cook, because we are eating out tonight.” Also make plans to watch Batman on weekend (why is it only at far flung theatres like Sarit Center and Village Market?) followed by a visit to a new joint in the suburbs. Then suddenly you cross over to the other side and you visit Nakumatt, buy everything you need for a month, even ice cream for everyone. You full up the car with petrol and call the mechanic to discuss the various knocking sounds coming from under the car. Unfortunately impulse plans and impulse spending will lead back to psychology state I in about 15 days at this rate.

11 thoughts on “End of month psychology – part 2

  1. bankelele

    I think the way to survive is to have different source of income, that kick in during the month – but at least one of them must be big enough a big expense like rent.

  2. Shiroh

    I experience the same too like now bana i even go home for lunch until tomorrow. Bankelele it is true people should try to get extra income but perhaps you could give us an example

  3. Anonymous

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