Econet Wants You

Freed (for now) by the Kenyan Court system, Econet Wireless is wasting no time and has gone ahead and advertised for jobs in the Nation and Standard virtually every day of the week:

They invited applicants for network engineers – 6 jobs (Friday April 1) transmission engineers – 19 jobs (Sunday April 3 newspapers), sales & marketing – 17 and information systems – 12 (April 5), and customer service – 13 and interconnect & international 6 jobs (April 6).

3 thoughts on “Econet Wants You

  1. Deno

    Crazy..I should take the first flight home sio? THen again I was reading about how celtel workers are overwhelmed with uncertainty as to their future..Telekoms in Kenya is perhaps the area with the least job security right now in my view..thanks to Tuju.

  2. bukusu

    deno, I dont agree – telekoms especially cell is still a good growth area. cell penetration is still low, prices are still high and yet the companies can still make massive profits on lower prices …

    I would say there is another 3-4 years before saturation – enough time to add a management stint in Africa on your resume 🙂

  3. simon

    The first time you wanted to enroll in Kenya two yars ago i applied for a position of a Messanger but there was a case between you and CCK but i didnt lose hope i returned to college and i did cartificate in computer applications and cartificate in computer programming.
    How can i applly for aposition in this respectiful company tergeting espesially youth like me?.
    i want a position of a clerk.
    Yuors sincerely
    Simon K. Musyoka.

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