Easter Reading

Kenyan Blogs to Read this Easter

Been a busy week, with a bit of travel, a lot of sports to watch and not much time to blog, so here are a couple of posts of note from the last week from friends and online colleagues.

Ka-investor explains the beauty of Twitter – it is simple, accessible from anywhere, via mobile phone, but which may take away some effort from doing full blog posts (and I’m guilty of that as well)

Maishinski explains how to make money in a recession e.g. buy cows cheaply because of the drought

This was a week of shocking layoff announcements, from Zain-Kenya (#2 mobile company) and even giant brewer – East African Breweries, and some more layoff perspectives from Grains of Masala. However senior Kenya government workers  are immune from the wave, as explained by Coldtusker

The Kenya Capital investment group has another corporate earnings roundup, as Equity Bank shares begin another curious ride that their CEO prophesied last month after the share split.

The creation of new districts (administrative political/government territories) appears to be an expensive futile exercise at the Nairobi Chronicle reports.

Finally, a rant by Kahenya becomes one of the most revealing posts on how lack of regulation in the communications sector stifles investments and profitability. I am also listed as a trouble maker owing to my links to Google

7 thoughts on “Easter Reading

  1. PKW

    Didn’t see the reference to buying cows cheaply at Maishnski’s, but Equity Bank UG has a cow-fattening loan-borrow their money, buy a thin cow in the dry season, fatten it and sell if for lots more money.

  2. Maishinski

    @ PKW,

    Check again… the cow is there.

    If you earn in US dollars you can get 55% additional discount for the already cheap cow.

    25% Xchange + 30% inflation adjustment.

    @ Banks… Thanks for the heads up!

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