Driver’s Beware

The Traffic Police Department collected 25.7 million shillings from traffic enforcement in the month of February, which was up by 2 million from the previous month.

About half (13 million shillings) was from Nairobi motorists from a total of 24,000 offences – with most of them being matatu-related. Nyanza, Coast, Rift Valley, Central, and Eastern provinces all recorded over 8,000 offences and fines of 2 million each, while drivers in North Eastern province had the lowest number of traffic police incidents – 227 (60,000 shillings in fines)

Non-compliance offences included matatu conductors (1,600), passengers not wearing seatbelts in both public and private vehicles (3,000), speeding (98) and various driver offences (6,400).

Vehicles were detained for obstruction (2,750), double parking (1,500) windscreens with reflective materials (1,500), loud music (400) and other traffic offences (3,600)

Surprisingly there have been zero incidents of drunken driving recorded across Kenya in 2005. Of course, it’s possible, that such incidents are turned over to another department of the Police force.

We commend the transparency of the Police in bringing this to our attention, however I’d prefer if they focused primarily on fighting violent crime around the Country.