Delta, Zain and KQ Tweet Around

and other Bank Twits

Twitter is a micro-blogging tool that is really nifty for doing mini-posts, forward and other remarks that (are on any subject) and are maybe not worthy of a full blog post. Here’s a summary of the last few days on Twitter:

May 29

  • @MauriYambo Kenya Co-op Bank directors shareholding Stinks
  • KTN’s Larry … Madowo @larrymadowo on Twitter
  • After a few drinks I discover I may be related to @kafai and @gishungwa! #TIA

May 30

  • Morning traffic jams in Nairobi Kileleshwa. Spy some Apts being built into the river & fear that one day, river will rise & reclaim its banks.
  • Government of Kenya shot itself in foot with punitive alcohol tax. Spirit brewers going belly up, Uhuru should correct.

May 31

  • Happy birthday young @intelligensia

Jun 1

  • @mwaikibaki will launch Kenya’s fibre optic cable this month.
  • @mwaikibaki says Kenya census starts august 24. Ends with his famous phrase, calls hecklers #pumbavu
  • Cadbury seems to have discontinued my fave choc wafer, while alvaro is on sale – buy 5, get 1 free!

June 2

  • Some Nairobi buildings were designed by Mario bros – with secret floors, VIP lifts, hidden entrances, hostile guards to negotiate.
  • Santander Bank may sponsor Ferrari next year – does that also make Alonso their new driver?
  • Does patient capitalist Jacqueline Novogratz @jnovogratz have the answer to the role of aid in development?
  • The African Union wants to set up an African Central Bank
  • @TerryanneC Delta Airlines maiden flight earlier scheduled for tomorrow from Atlanta to Kenya postponed indefinitely
  • If I had to subscribe to one magazine for life, it would be the Economist

June 3

  • @coldtusker even without airport CEO, artur, 1jet1 – US may want more than one airport checkpoint to filter passengers, so non-stop no go.
  • @mamboleo ranneberger welcomed delta in the news and was to officiate today. Mwakwere has been in US for a week waiting to fly
  • @MIMImagazine new Sade album this year\
  • What’s wrong with Kenya airport Security?
  • Want to speak like Kenyan kids? – try the Sheng dictionary…
  • Got an accurate shares statement by e-mail from CDSC Kenya – so my stockbroker is still honest

June 4

  • Should companies care about what’s written about them online?
  • Former ministers and MP’s mentioned in parliament as masterminds of some collapsed Kenya pyramid
  • Michuki and Ruto top a NTV viewer poll of best performing ministers in Kenya. Ok… #Kenya

June 5

  • @alykhansatchu “In September 2008, all hell broke loose, it fell like the Titanic” – Titus Naikuni Kenya Airways CEO
  • @coldtusker Kenya Airways losing 4 billion after Zain’s 7 billion loss, there’s a lot of blood!

June 6

  • Nairobi city council asking 100 shillings ($1.25) to photocopy each 100 words of new laws that will punish residents #FAIL
  • Follow George Ayittey @ayittey for a harsh dose of Afro-reality
  • JKIA arrival lounge – musician Jua Cali and Uganda leader Kizza Besige arrive unnoticed

June 7

  • Button-Brawn wins turkey GP. Kenyan crowds are ABB – Anyone but Button
  • @karuoro does XYZ fail for taking shots at politicos who are too funny to be imitated or is it the poor voices?

June 8

  • Reading Africa confidential to see which way Gabon goes: Lady Senate president should succeed, but Bongo Jnr. is minister of defence.
  • Weekendgossip: Delta planned Nairobi route before they merged with Northwest – who are KLM partners. KLM have invested for many years in Kenya Airways so does it make sense for Delta to fly to Nairobi?

June 9

  • Why would Wanjiku Mugane quit the EABL Board?
  • R/T @kainvestor @kachwanya Zain looks to close $12bn deal to sell Africa unit – report:
  • Soldiers are not allowed with guns in the room (and other hotel rules)
  • Time to do the tax return thing – 3 out of 4 years waiting for a tax refund.

June 10

  • How the Lakers won Game 2: I wish Bill Simmons watched Soccer and F1 because there are more conspiracies than NBA
  • The folks at DNA Kenya have published a Promiscuity Index Report: Ave No. of Steady Mistresses! Ave No. of kids per steady Mistress! Ave No. of 1 night stands since wedding! #DNAKenya

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