Corporate Briefs

Telecommunications: From Nation 7/22/2005: Safaricom is seeking an international gateway licence from the Communication Commission of Kenya, “which, if granted, will see a significant reduction in international calling charges”, says CEO Michael Joseph. And he hopes the CCK will speed up the processing of the licence for the benefit of the subscribers. Responding to a query, Joseph says his company’s tariffs “are not exploitative and have actually been designed to be as competitive as possible”.

Shareholder services: The Kenya Airways 2005 AGM will be held on August 12 at Bomas. But the company’s share registrars, Barclays Advisory Services, are proving to be somewhat inefficient which is understandable given that they are servicing over 86,000 KQ shareholders. It takes forever to immobilize the airline’s shares, and it’s proving to almost impossible to change an address – I think I have given them my Nairobi address three times, and my mail, including the invitation for this years AGM, and possible dividend, are still being sent upcountry.

Radio: In the radio sector, KISS FM is hiring presenters, a news anchor, feature writer and sports writer. Applications to be e-mailed by August 5 along with an MP3 or tape recording.

Also, Metro FM (101.9 Nairobi) will become a reggae station from August 1. It currently does R&B and soft pop.

4 thoughts on “Corporate Briefs

  1. Milonare


    Metro is going dub? I can still remember getting my lastest R&B hits from one Kajuju Kaburia back in the day! And then there was Goreti Apondi. It was like a “normal” name would not get you employed by Metro…

    As for MJ and Safcom, if his pricing is not exploitative, we should ask him to tell us where his supernormal profits came from! There can’t be a gain without a loss somewhere…

  2. Anonymous

    So chris murungaru – the transport minister – wants the government to interfere in Mt. Kenya Coca Cola wrangles. Oh please! There are more pressing needs like sorting out the Metro & KBS problems (TRANSPORT problems) coz that is worth more economically than (private)shareholders spats!

    Anyway, what does Coke have to do with his ministry??? Or does he have a stake?

    The IDIOT…

  3. Anonymous

    The idiots are Tuju & some CCK elements. Safaricom who are making the best of a situation that tuju can’t comprehend! Capitalism 101, anyone?

    (A)License 2 other cellfone service providers & see the mayhem as prices drop & service improves than to competition.
    (B)Force all of them to have “reasonable” interconnection charges & you will see prices drop even further.
    (C)Give ALL cellfone providers a gateway license – which CCK refuses to give Safaricom or Celtel – & international & regional calls cost will drop even further!
    (D) Allow VOIP…

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