Chinese rescue Tiomin

Jinchuan Group Ltd of China will invest $9.4 million Kshs 640 million) in Tiomin by purchasing 72.5 million shares of the company (increasing their stake to 20%) and the improved cash posiiton will enable the Kwale project to go on.

See earlier project delay.

4 thoughts on “Chinese rescue Tiomin

  1. Anonymous

    Dude, I digress, but then you seem well versed in these matters. I buddy told me of a new investment kind of gig thats happening in our neck of the woods(Kenya). You patia a company some money, you sign a contract with them that they get to keep the principle a year, while they pay you a monthly interest gained. My boy is making some serious cash but am curios as to whether this is a legit proposition. What is this company decides to Douglas Wakihuri with my principal once the 12 months are over? Any light you can shine for this brother will be highly appreciated. Cool blog by the way.

  2. Nelie

    Ponzi, contract or not. They promise 16 percent interest per month! Only drugs (or Douglas Wakihuri) do such kind of returns!

  3. bankelele

    Nelie: There are all manner of schemes these days and new ones are sprouting as quickly as old ones collapse or a re shut down. 16% per month – for doing nothing? From Freakonomics we learn that even drug dealers don’t make that much. Only a thief can offer such returns IMHO

  4. Anonymous

    Yikes! That scares me. So ukweli there are no legit schemes that fanya this kind of biashara?

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