Cheap Cellphone customers put new technologies on hold

Across Europe, most customers refuse to do anything except talk and send text messages with their phones, and the average European consumer is now spending just about half what he spent in the late 1990s for mobile service.

One thought on “Cheap Cellphone customers put new technologies on hold

  1. Anonymous

    Basically, the first adopters are heavy users of technology so the average use per consumer is high.

    The second group uses the extra features as novelties or as needed

    The users that come in later use basic services coz:
    1. Don’t need the extra features
    2. Don’t want to learn how to use the extra goodies
    3. Can’t afford the extras!

    Therefore in a mature market the average use should decrease even though the overall use would have jumped considerably.

    In Kenya the Post-paid segment would mostly be represented in Groups 1 & 2. Group 2 would also include the pre-paid yuppies. And the rest are us the Wananchi!

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