Centum seeks Carbacid

and other Bank Twits

Twitter is a micro-blogging tool that is really nifty for doing mini-posts, forwards and other remarks that (are on any subject) and are maybe not worthy of a full blog post. Here’s a summary of my week on Twitter:

– @louizah Zain Vuka has ended? Please confirm
@NTV showing IFC-funded docu on women entrepreneurs – meaning manu-arsenal will be on tape delay – WHY? next @NTV ditched a static-filled channel & skipped their ‘half time’ piece to present second half live, on a much clearer signal! Kudos
– Sports journo era over? Player asks for trade on blog team obliges on Twitter player thanks fans on Facebook http://tinyurl.com/d967eu
blog post Why Safaricom should spin-off MPesa http://bit.ly/gYZ86
– The Central Bank of Kenya reports have become incomprehensible B.S
– Upgraded Safaricom Investor relations page has media and CEO briefings http://bit.ly/VBZ2f
– Tanzania will now recognize Kenya manufacturers mark of quality http://bit.ly/USZHg
Delta Air round-trip intro fares from Nairobi include (ex-tax) $650-NY/DC, $975-ATL/Chi/ Dallas, $1124-LA/SF and $1440-Detroit
– @kahenya @jamesmurua likes Riviera, which has good crowd and facilities, but beer is pricey and the place is a fire-trap
– So Joe Biden met Nairobi Mayor Majiwa in Chicago. There, that’s the end of the joke
– Safaricom CEO says M-Pesa not yet profitable http://bit.ly/TDV8D
– @leofaya says Kenyan promoters are killing Facebook http://bit.ly/zBHXB
– Today’s pavement uprooting is sponsored by Access Kenya – as the fibre optic railway is laid around Nairobi
– @Archermishale sports conspiracy goes that where a sport wants to sway a big game, they put in a low-quality ref, but didn’t happen on Wednesday
– Safaricom partners with Kenya’s largest bank KCB http://bit.ly/J4l92
– Kenya budget saga ($115 million) blamed on a typo – Quote ODB “N___ please!” http://tinyurl.com/p5hoyo
blog post: two bank shareholder meetings same day same building same time http://bit.ly/86lNq
– @pinkm so you can only use debit, but not credit card to buy amazon books from KE? Interesting
Ethiopian Air applies to fly from Nairobi to Amsterdam and Nairobi –Liege (Belgium)
– Land spin: Could there be a link between Migingo Island and the Kampala land Kenya got from the Uganda military?
– If MTN buy Yu or Access Kenya, they will have to negotiate with MTN matatu society for use of the name.
blog post Its Our Turn to Eat (is credit card worthy) http://bit.ly/YnriQ
– NMG 2008 report gives prominent mention of new digital division, Making-Nation DVD and Zuqka portal http://tinyurl.com/qkcphc
Centum applies to the CMA to buy Kshs. 350M of Carbacid shares and be the largest shareholder of the Nairobi listed (but suspended) company
– Senator cards advise customers to only upload to https, not http sites. It’s rare to find credit company giving card advice
– From Mars Group: Parliament’s Report on the Kenya Budget inconsistencies http://blog.marsgroupkenya….

6 thoughts on “Centum seeks Carbacid

  1. Rombo

    Nifty summary here, Bankelele. Reminds me of a couple of comments that I wanted to make but then … I don’t know… (life happened?).

    Re Zain’s Vuka: They did it again. They got to the middle of the pool and then, curiously, they swam back. Sigh. I think Vuka was really working for them, putting a reasonable dent into Safaricom’s subscriber/airtime usage numbers but of course it was costing them a tidy sum and that showed up in the bottomline. Thing is, they had built the momentum. It so doesn’t make sense that they pulled the plug on it when they did.

    Re Safaricom’s Mpesa: ‘I’m not entirely sold on the not turning a profit yet’ story. I suppose it depends on how/where they’re reporting the royalties and whether they should be considered an expense or an export of profit.

    Oops, now its clear why I didn’t respond. That’s way more than 140 both times.

  2. coldtusker

    So who’s stake is Centum looking at buying? Do you have the annual report to check who owns the 2.6mn shares?

    I wonder if matiba (alliance holdings) is selling? Coz kivuli (BOC) would not be selling coz they want a merger… The other could be BC Patel…

  3. bankelele

    Rombo: nice recap, the weakness of twitter is the 140 characters for posts, and 9slighly fewer) for @replies
    – shame about Zain if true, but vuka has been pretty expensive
    – M-Pesa profits;’ reminds of the great famous case of the Eddie Murphy movie “Coming to America” which made +$300 million (in the 1980’s) and the studio still said it was not profitable. Vodafone royalties sound like Hollywood numbers

    Coldtusker: must be Matiba because alliance is the largest shareholder in carbacid with +20%

  4. Rombo

    It’s one of those things, innit, Banks? The weakness of Twitter is the 140 character limit. The strength of Twitter is the 140 character limit.

  5. pierre


    barclays held its agm on friday the 15th may at the kicc….what transpired…

    •THE USUAL chami asked about the lack of age in in the director bio’s he is beginning to sound monotonous… I attended the last two agms he was at.. he asked the same questions…..
    •Shareholders belly aching about rogue stock brokers.. one old lady told how she lost nearly a million to a stock broker….

    more at my blog…tembeakenya.wordpress.com

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