Celeb watch

  • Safaricom MD Michael Joseph: front seat of a Range Rover (un-tinted) reading the newspaper as he was driven toward Westlands. No bodyguard, no chase car (how cool is that?)
  • President Kibaki: arriving at KICC for a function in a much smaller motorcade (about 20 cars) and police only stopped traffic as he was driving past – a big improvement from a few months ago when they would shut roads 20 minutes before he passed.
  • Singer Eric Wainaina getting into a lift at Queensway House. Still has those baby dreadlocks.
  • Nation TV reporter, Rita Tinina entering Nation Centre as she returned from the field.
  • Former MP, Kimani Wanyoike, walking up Standard Street near Trattoria, still wearing a bowtie.
  • Former TI Boss, Gladwell Otieno: having a quiet evening out at Kengeles Lavington with some friends on Saturday night.
  • Assistant Minister, Mwangi Kiunjui walking past Lonrho House.

One thought on “Celeb watch

  1. Kenyan Pundit

    In one of his more lucid moments, Kibaki apparently recently ordered his staff to stop the whole nonsense of shutting the road down for hours, from now on what you saw will be the kawa strategy (via Friday’s Standard).

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