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Mending Fences at MSK

In-coming Chairperson of the Marketing Society of Kenya (MSK) Fatima Alimohamed has entered office determined to mend fences and bridges burned by past councils of the society. In an interview with the Financial Post, she expressed her wish to address divisions that led to the breakup of the publication of Sokoni by Rollout publishers amid court cases, and allegations of fistfights, bribes and threats.

Rollout were the original publishers (they say creators) of “Sokoni,” the council’s official magazine until they were forced out two years ago. They have since continued to organize successful Quiz Nite’s and also publish their own version called “Sokoni Africa” – later changed to “Marketing Africa” after a judge ruled that they were infringing on the Sokoni brand. Sokoni is currently published Oakland Media

She also mentioned working with the Chartered Institute of Marketers (CIM), a parallel marketing fraternity in Kenya.