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Kippra to hold key investment forum

The Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis (KIPPRA) will hold a conference on January 20 to discuss the country’s inability to attract foreign direct investment. Vice President Moody Awori is expected to preside.

Kenya’s ability to attract foreign investment has continued to decline despite the coming to power of a new government and Uganda and Tanzania had overtaken Kenya and could soon threaten its long-held position as a regional economic powerhouse.

Get off the CEO seat gently

Life at the top is a luxurious affair, which is why when you are let go, you have to be dragged away screaming.

Prof Mwangi Kimenyi, the former Kenya Institute of Public Policy, Research and Analysis (Kippra) executive director and Dr Shem Ochuodho, former Kenya Pipeline MD, are both suing the Government for wrongful dismissal.

Parastatal reform must start at the top, and Kenya needs to have clear guidelines as to what a CEO is entitled to as Amb. Mutahura spelt out this week. Whether you hire someone from the golf course, a multi-national, the UN, or the US, there must be clear terms and conditions, otherwise, people will pull a Gachara and dictate their salaries. The Government can expect a third suit from Dr Evans Mukolwe, who was just replaced at the KWS.