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Mis-used Police

In the month of March, the police collected 29.3 million from traffic enforcement, with 15.4 million coming from Nairobi drivers. While most of the 17,966 violators in Nairobi were matatu’s (or PSV), the police also booked 328 drivers for speeding, 1,095 for double parking, and 281 for reflective material (tinted windows).

Meanwhile, the LSK points out that there is no Kenyan law banning tinted windows (only reflective as seen on some minister’s cars) and Nation TV also points out that most new cars these days are built with dark windows. Within government, there are conflicting views on tinted windows (the Transport PS and Govt. spokesman have denied the law exists – and in true government style, have formed a committee to look into the matter) and it appears that the Police have no idea why they have been asked to enforce this law. In Kenya you can be car-jacked in a convertible, and probably drive past a police roadblock, so the idea that it’s stop criminals does not hold water.

Also on Wednesday night while watching the Arsenal Chelsea game, we had an audience of at least ten policemen who arrived in two police patrol trucks to settle a midnight verbal dispute (not a fight) at a Nairobi West bar – surely there’s enough crime elsewhere in the city to occupy their time better.