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Kenya Bank Rankings 2008 Part II

Follow up to part I and tracks change from December 2007 to 2008 in assets and profits

Tier 1 (Assets over 25 billion shillings)
1 KCB (2) 174,712-assests (Kshs. 175 billion, $2.18 billion) 5,394 million ($67million)-profits 109,845-deposits 79,343-Loans (assets up 55%, profits up40 %, overtake Barclays to be No. 1)
2 Barclays (1) 168,786-a 8,016-p 126,408-d 108,086-L (assets up 7%, profits up 13 %)
3 Standard Chartered (3) 99,140-a 4,709-p 76,898-d 43,299-L 8% (assets up 8%, profits down 4 %)
4 Cooperative (4) 83,918-a 3,337-p 65,934-d 53,293-L (assets up 28%, profits up 46 %)
5 (–) CFC Stanbic 83,166-a 1,313-p 61,529-d 44,205-L (new bank created by merger combined assets up 34%)
6 Equity (6) 77,135-a 4,757-p 48,977-d 40,858-L (assets up 45%, profits up 101%)
7 Commercial Bank of Africa (8) 50110-a 1694-p 41715-d 26309-L (assets up 27%, profits up 21%)
8 Citibank Kenya (6) 47534-a 3353-p 31192-d 18154-L (assets unchanged, profits up 89%)
9 NIC (10) 42,704-a 1,474-p 35,238-d 29,955-L (assets up 36%, profits up 41%)
10National Bank of Kenya (7) 42,696-a 1,797-p 34,278-d 8,950-L L (assets up 3%, profits up 11%)
11 Diamond Trust (11) 41,592-a 1,336-p 32,689-d 25,460-L (assets up 37%, profits up 44%)
12 Investment & Mortgages (12) 36,656-a 1,620-p 28,355-d 25,887-L (assets up 25%, profits up 25%)

Tier 2 (Assets of 6 – 24.9 billion)
13Prime (15) 19,945 million-assets (~$249 million or Kshs 19.95 billion) 460 million-profits (~$5.75 million) 15,662 million-deposits 9,426 million-Loans (assets up 44%, profits up 45%)
14Housing Finance (17) 14,330-a 196-p 10,089-d 10,419-L (assets up 38%, profits up 50%)
15 Imperial (16) 13,432-a 673-p 10,414-d 8,276-L (assets up 15%, profit up 19%)
16 Bank of Africa (23) 12304-a 93-p 8708-d 6856-L (assets up 61%, profit down 41%)
17 Bank of India (18) 12049-a 609-p 10211-d 4448-L (assets up 16%, profit up28 %)
18 Ecobank (19) 10499-a 67-p 8341-d 5126-l (assets up 11%, profit down 43%)
19 Family Bank (20) 10,410-a 531-p 7,404-d 5,890-L (assets up 21%, profit up 99%)
20 Baroda (14) 10361 633 15165 8938 (assets down 30% %, profit up 27%)
21 Chase (27) 10,300-a 247-p 7147-d 5139-L (assets up 80%, profit up 37%)
22 Fina (21) 9,865-a 82-p 8,113-d 6,190-L (assets up 22%, profit down 29 %)
23 K-Rep (24) 8,184-a -472(p) 4,502-d 5,935-L (assets up16 %, slipped to loss maker)
24 ABC (26) 6584-a 224-p 5365-d 3550-L (assets up 7%, profit up 21%)
25 Habib AG Zurich (25) 6,557-a 242-p 5,373-d 2,182-L (assets up 6%, profit up 19%)
26 Development Bank of Kenya (32) 6,520-a 171-p 2231-d 3439-L (assets up 39%, profit up 9%)

Tier 3 (assets below 6 billion shillings)
27 Giro (28) 5,938 million-assets (~$74 million, Kshs 5.93 billion) 126 million-profits (~$1.6million) 5,127 million deposits 3,411 million-Loans (assets up 6%, improved profit up 207%)
28 Guardian (29) 5,558-a 44-p 4,586-d 3,553-L (assets up 3%, improved profit up 84%)
29 Southern Credit (30) 5,171-a 6-p 4,106-d 2,655-L (assets down 6%, profit down 85%)
30 (–) Gulf African 5,000-a -382(p)3,249-d 1,932-L (new Shariah bank)
31 Consolidated (34) 4,657-a 85-p 3,279-d 2,751-L (asset up 13%, improved profits up 226%)
32 Habib Bank (35) 4,491-a 146-p 3024-d 988-L (assets up 17%, profit up 37%)
33 Victoria (33) 4,460-a 170-p 3,582-d 2,778-L (assets up %, profit up %)
34 Equatorial (31) 4410-a -8(p) 3668-d 2307-l (assets down 9%, slipped to loss maker)
35 Fidelity (38) 4,329-a 73-p 3,778-d 2,787-L (assets up 39%, profit up 62%)
36 Credit (36) 3,637-a 79-p 2774-d 1810-L (assets up 8%, profit down 40%)
37 Transnational (37) 3,414-a 121-p 1,891-d 1,441-L (assets up 6%, profit up 43%)
38 Middle East (39) 3,297-a 30-p 2,021-d 1,651-L (assets up 6%, profit down 68%)
39 (–) First Community 3,180-a -307(p) 2091-d 868-l (new Shariah bank)
40 Paramount Universal (40) 2,646-a 51-p 2,109-d 1,268-l (assets up 12%, profit up 19%)
41 Oriental (41) 2,289-a 68-p 1,314-d 958-L (assets up 35%)
42 Dubai (42) 1,639-a 7-p 1,032-d 957-L (assets up 6%, profit down 50%)
43 (43) City Finance 538 -a -3(p) 164 -d 193-L (assets down 28%, 90% financial improvement to report loss of 3m)

Pepsi to Kenya?

. Nairumour that after an absence of many years, Pepsi will re-enter the Kenyan market in the near future to resume battle with Coca Cola, possibly through their South African partners. If so, it will cap a great year for investment to the country, and that despite 2008 being a relatively tough year for investors and companies, with the post-election violence, business disruption, high fuel and energy prices, depressed consumer spending, P & P madness (pirates and politicians) collapsing stockbrokers, there was a steady flow of new investments and new products that happened this year.

Re-cap of some notable ones

– Takeovers concluded – Ecobank take over of EABS, and Stanbic merger with CFC (now CFCStanbic)
– UBA licensed (2009)
– Gulf African and First Community (Shariah banking kicks off)

– Summit Lager a new beer from Keroche Industries
– East African Breweries launched Alvaro (malted soft drink)
Coca Cola launched Novidia (another malted soft drink) and also started selling Minute maid
– KETEPA launched Safari Iced Tea

– WPP buys into Scangroup
– 2008 saw the launch of two new mobile operators – Orange (France Telkom) and Yu (Essar/Econet) to battle Safaricom and a re-energized Zain
– Altech buys into KDN
– A long-running fight over one(EASSY)submarine cable, gave birth to three different ones being laid to Mombasa
– Wananchi launched Zuku (TV, Broadband, Phone)

Transport, Energy & Manufacturing
– Tiger brands buying into Haco
– An investment in the Kenya Oil Refinery at Mombasa was still under battle between Libyan and Indian Investors
– Jinchuan (China) to bail out Tiomin?
– Mirambo and PD Toll to salvage the Rift Valley Railways
– Delta Airlines (USA – but postponed to 2009)
– Air Arabia started flights to Kenya

– Libyans took over the Grand (Laico) Regency
The Tribe opens.

– Chevron (Caltex) sold out – bought by Total
– Unilever (de-listing from the NSE)
– Roy Puffet from rift Valley Railways

Bank waters

In the pool

Diving in: Another West African bank giant UBA follows Ecobank after apparently having secured a banking license to operate in Kenya.

Treading in the shallow end: Still finding their ground are the new Islamic BanksGulf African and First Community that started business last year. They are likely to be the only banks that will record losses of at least Kshs. 200 million each as their new branches and staff continue to reach out and educate customers on a new way to bank.

Had enough swimming?:
(i) Morgan Stanley who were supposed to introduce long term foreign investors to Kenya with a five year window or longer, but instead brought in short term investors at the expense of the Government and othrr investors who took out their profits in a week. Another lesson learnt a long way back from the IPO.
(ii) The Kenyan unit of Citi is on track to rake in profits of $50 million this year on the back of aggresive trading, but will it be enough, or will it be bled off by the parent unit? And who would buy it and its lucrative American interest-linked business portfolio?

New Bank; Gulf African

Gulf African Bank has been licensed and will become Kenya’s 42nd bank.

While earlier billed as a Sharia only bank, it’s hard to see how that would have been sustainable and it now appears that the bank will also be open to non-Muslims. Mainstream banks like Barclays, KCB, I&M and Dubai already have shariah complaint products.

With a 1.75 billion capital base starts off around 14th largest bank largest bank. It has advertised for top jobs over the last several months with a view to becoming a regional powerhouse backed by its wealthy shareholders.

most from the daily papers this week

– Business analyst sub Saharan Africa – at BAT
– Alliance For A Green Revolution In Africa (AGRA): Director for Market Access Program, Program Officer for Market Access Program. Apply through KPMG
Electoral commission of Kenya : returning officer, assistant returning officers, trainer of trainers (but must be over 35 years for most jobs). D/L is 2/10
– Investment Officer at the IFC – Nairobi Kenya. D/L is 8/18
Kenya Airways: Database Architect, Head Of Corporate Security Services, Manager Materials Planning & Procurement, Team Leader Motor Transport
– Head of IT at the Nairobi stock exchange . Apply through Deloitte at (Ref HIT/09/07) by 28/9
National Museums of Kenya: marketing/PR manager, development manager (resource mobilization). Apply to
Safaricom: M-PESA New Business Sales Officer, M-PESA New Agent Sales Officer, CRM Support analyst, M-PESA Operations Officer
– Agribusiness specialist at USAID Kenya D/L is 21/9
USIU: senior research associate, webmaster. Apply to by 30/9

Real estate
– a 5 storey shopping mall in Eastleigh on sale for 150 million shillings ($2 million) from Lloyd Masika
– Have Man U star Rio Ferdinand as your neighbor by buying into this luxury complex in Uganda
– develop houses for USIU on 45acres in Athi river.

Knocking on bankings’ door

Family Bank: Family Finance will be the next bank licensed in Kenya within the next month as the building society will covert into Family Bank. Some have called the fast rising institution and Equity clone with better stripes but it will fit in as the 22nd largest of Kenya’s Banks.

Gulf African: Also in the running in 2007 is Gulf African Bank which is backed by a consortium of Middle East financial institutions.

MEGA bank: Interesting read here on the challenges and plans of the proposed MEGA bank.

mega bank # 2
CFC’s share price has stabilized after the initial confirmation of talks with Stanbic. It has since steadily risen as proper analysis of the proposal merger has been taking place.

mega bank # 3
Will criticism by the SA Central bank governor scuttle part two of the Barclays Absa deal?

mega bank # 4
Is Nakumatt a Bank? It follows in the path of Wal-Mart but has not indicated any such leanings. However an organization that takes in over 70 million shillings a day ($1 million) and doesn’t have to pay its creditors for 30 days has to be a major player in the banking and investment world.

Ecobank here soon too.

finally a non banking story but a major corporate headache as Ribena (remember mothers who care trust Ribena? ) may not all that it advertises itself to be!