Business Briefs

Unga profit warning
The company has issued a profit warning notifying the public that it’s after tax profit for the year ended (in June 06) will be less than 40m shillings. Six months ago they had reported half year profits of 73m, but these have been eaten away by the collapse of (debtor) Uchumi, power rationing in Uganda, and the bird flu scare.

Hello Juba
Something I learnt during the first world cup weekend – there is a Kengeles Restaurant in Juba, S. Sudan already. Also a KCB branch.


One story the investor-mercenary-brother duo told checks out – they were involved in the construction of a low cost housing scheme in Nairobi.

4 thoughts on “Business Briefs

  1. Half 'n' half

    Hallo from Sudan, Yeah I live there (or here) and I can confirm that indeed there is Kengeles, and KCB in Juba, but there is also KCB in Rumbek. Now that is what we call speed.

  2. mudskippah

    Slight deviation:

    High school economics taught us that a raise in the cost of a major factor of production almost always gets passed on to the end consumer.

    What are the chances of inflation shooting upwards and common Kenyans we are feeling pinch as a result of the increase in fuel costs?

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