Business Briefs – May 24

most from the papers this week

Strathmore to train entrepreneurs: Strathmore University has launched an Enterprise Development Centre (SEDC) to train entrepreneurs in management of SME’s. This will be done through a six month certificate program in entreprenual management that covers, among other aspects, taxation & law, financial recordkeeping, managing HR, business planning, risk management, diversification, capital budgeting and excellence in customer service. It will use locally developed case studies and also provide networking opportunities and access to service providers through a business club.

ARM split: Athi River Mining intends to spin off its cement, and mineral & chemical operations into two wholly owned subsidiaries;
– ARM Cement Limited – who will continue with the manufacture and sell cement and limestone – (the new Kaloleini factory will be transferred to the subsidiary)
– ARM Minerals & Chemicals Limited – who will produce minerals and sodium silicate building products – (the Athi River factory will be transferred to the subsidiary)

Invest in Uchumi: Gearing up for a revival is Uchumi Supermarkets whose Receiver Manager has places an international tender for financial firms who will assist in the for (i) pre-qualification of financial bidders and (ii) selection of winning bids to become strategic equity partners (new investors in Uchumi). D/L is 6/6

Milky at NSE?: Preparing for a possible listing at the Nairobi Stock Exchange is New KCC who published their financial accounts this week for the year ended June 2007, which showed that they had exceeded the performance over the previous 18 month period; New KCC had assets of 4.7 billion shillings (up from 4.0b in 18 months to 06/2006), turnover of 4.5 billion (compared to 4.9b) and a pre-tax profit of 284 million (compared to 350 m) – after paying over 2 billion shillings to dairy farmers. Meanwhile Sameer is making dairy waves in Uganda

Derailment?: Rift Valley Railways in trouble with the Governments of Kenya and Uganda over the performance of the railway concession. Last year it appeared they had turned the corner in terms of performance.

FYI: You can track NSE shares in real time for free at

9 thoughts on “Business Briefs – May 24

  1. MainaT

    Kudos to rich. Spotting an opportunity after some muppet let nellydata know everybody could see this data.
    Bring New KCC into the NSE.
    Interesting move by ARM…

  2. adam cartwright

    did u know: in 2007 the global economy grew but up to three percent. apparently most economies across the globe grew, more so those that were ’emerging’ or growing from nearly zero. its common sense then that growth should be high. some reports indicate that even in somalia, the economy grew at very large rates, some put it at double digits, without a government. in fact alot of tv stations that broadcast free to air from the yemenis and rest of the gulf are focussing solely on somalian revenue from advertisers though most of the economy is informal.

    secondly banks…. muhoho kenyatta is one of the chaps who always turns up at the rhino charge. its like a social event for the blue blooded kenyan money. really serious stuff any way he always drive a mercedes unimog or a really old land rover, that was his father’s.
    the organisers this year though have to contend more with helicopter traffic thatn four by fours as the new money trys to outdo itself…

    third, about that live data from the nse stuff lets talk on that in the next three months maybe the 26th of august ama early september. there are rumours that some people will pull out some really revolutionary stuff from their hats regarding that front…

    did y’ all see that massive black out that was kenya wide on sunday? it was amajor cock up on kplc’s part what with load shedding and all supposed to have kicked in last month but kudo’s to those chaps, the lights were back on starting at 9.00 pm

  3. Anonymous

    Hey do u think lenya airways is takeover bait. especailly with all the money floating around in the middle east and china. is the attemted MTN takeover in SA a prelude to upcoming deals.

  4. Ssembonge

    Live streaming of NSE data is redundant if investors can’t trade in real time.

    How long does it take to execute a trade from the time you call/email your broker?

  5. Africa Unite


    Is any contract signed in Kenya between Africans and British rulers in 1901 really valid? Did Africans have a choice? Did they participate in writing british laws? Did britain have any real jurisdicion over Kenya as to allocate land? Are contracts forced on our forefathers by invaders at gunpoint valid????

    Kenya was never a sovereign state until after independence.

    The laws at that time did not apply to Africans as they were not regarded as human beings before independence!

    Even Britain doesn’t have 999 year leases. This would be the clearest proof of mischief on the colonialist thieves.

    Time for Africans to take charge and correct the injustices meted on their people!

    Let us not fool ourselves, Colonial settlers did not buy any land from Kenyans. 99% of Kenyans are victims of injustices perpetrated by colonial rulers.

    Can you believe that children of colonial masters “own” HUNDREDS of acres of land – most of which has never been used, and these same colonialists treat africans like sh!t (e.g. the fukking Chomondoley murderer who recently killed 2 kenyans on cold blood for trespassing on “his property”!)

    Britain intervened and COERCED Wako to pass a nulle prosequi in the first instance – as if the lives of the two kenyans MEANT ABSOLUTELY NOTHING – leading the man to believe that he had a license to kill. Of course he went and killed another Kenyan. Now where is chomondoley? I bet you he is NOT in prison. Once the media stopped covering the murders, Britain intervened again – to get him released quietly.

    You think the west is your friend but they just want to keep you enslaved – only now they do it economically.

    Mugabe may be demonized by the west, but he is a true African Hero. He’s the only person who has ever taken a firm stand against colonial injustices.

  6. bankelele

    MainaT: KCC in a few years, Kenya Pipeline now!

    Mex: strange, I think they are realigning their holding/subsidiary structure

    Adam: growth rates should translate to jobs and opportunities
    – I expect more blackouts this year
    Will read up on Sacoma

    Ssembonge: not yet, but data is a good start. It’s good to see the shares offered/transacted and at what prices and what’s on the table
    – if you mail broker I think the earliest they can do it is next day

    Africa Unite: land is an emotive issue and as absurd as 999 leases are, what’s the change mechanism here?

    Maishinski: id’ like to see the entire ICEA report

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