Brew Fast

Taken a (just ended) month long fast from beer which was very enlightening in terms of impact it has on life and business networking.

Some Positives

  • Potential to save money over time – anywhere from 1,000 to 2,000 shillings a week in theory. But in practice, I still have to spend the money on others I socialise with (see more later)
  • Better health over time
  • No morning hangovers

Some Negatives

  • Too much time to fill, and I get bored and impatient. Before, if waiting for someone in town, before I’d just got to bar have a drink and chat/do some reading, now I’m in the car, on the phone asking, “where are you?”
  • Actually, I am more dehydrated. Beer has a lot of water, and I find myself having to drink more tap water at night now.
  • Networking: so much of our lives are networked in bars with friends and associates. People tell you to network at conferences and workshops, but in bars much more networking goes on, across all sectors, from bankers to teacher, businessmen to nurses, as our guards are down, and people are more relaxed also, people tend to be wary around others who are not drinking with them, or in the same mind-state. . It is also noted that people who don’t drink have other more serious problems, or have to find other outlets to release their excess energy e.g. excessive womanising, worshipping or scheming?. As a result, sitting in a bar, I get so much information for this blog – sample these nairumours/observations I picked up at the end of the break.
    (a) Observed an out of control minister (and soon to be former MP) who has lost touch with reality. He has made so much unimaginable money, he lives a reckless lifestyle and believes he can buy anyone/anything – it’s just a matter of price.
    (b) A former minister has conned a foreign government out of a multi-million dollar contract and is now persona non grata there
    (c)The true story behind CDF woes of an MP.
  • No suitable alternative drinks. Not Coffee (can only do one cup), soda (bad for teeth), juice (quality & availability never consistently available), appletiser (not at 160 a bottle)

moment of clarity

  • Lack that spark i.e moment of clarity, that inspires writing, when you are able to combine information or observation with the law and practice.

5 thoughts on “Brew Fast

  1. Afromusing

    lol you are dehydrated?! pole. I like these posts from you! Refreshing.

    I was watching Anthony Bourdain in Peru, he was looking around for a beer and he said
    ‘My journey to enlightenment often begins, and ends with a beer’


  2. Shiroh

    I quit alcohol every weekend/day. I just find myself having one. So my new rules are;
    Dont get to the bar unless it is absolutely necessary
    Ask for Delmonte Juice first so that the hours can move a bit before you start drinking

    eventually i have to quit, i mean all the diseases risk can be lowered if you don’t drink, something i respect.

    I see you hate anonymous too these days.

    How are you doing?

  3. Anonymous

    With the price of alcohol in bars here in the states it became very easy for me to lower my consumption to very low levels. I do conceed that if done in a balanced manner drinking has lots of benefits health and social wise!
    Welcome back to the drinkers bandwagon!

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