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It’s not AOL and Yahoo, but the merger of two internet service providers, Wananchi online and ISP Kenya, is big news today. According to Balancing Act Africa, Africa Online, ISPKenya, Wananchi, NairobiNet, Swift Global and Kenya Web account for about 60% of the Kenyan market.

An e-Government consulting opportunity for companies to submit proposals on setting up a metro optical fibre network consisting of local area networks (LAN’s) at all ministry headquarters and a wide area network (WAN) to interconnect the LAN’s to enable cross-ministry communications and future e-government applications. Apply for proposal information (fee is 5,000 shillings) at and final submissions should be made to Head of Public Service by December 7.

Thai Expo
There’s a Thailand expo at Village market this week. No animals are involved.

Today marked the 1st anniversary of CDS – the central depository system of holding & trading of shares on the Nairobi Stock Exchange electronically, signalling the end of the era of paper share certificates in Kenya.

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    You stll haven’t mentioned the opening of the Kabul Serena in Afghanistan. From the pics, it seems really nice, considering the strife & destruction surrounding it

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