Bankers Predict the World Cup

In March this year, an Economics team made some interesting predictions about the now on-going World Cup. While the likely outcome then was that Brazil would defeat France in the final, the team predicted that the entire world economy would benefit most from Italy defeating Germany in the final 3 – 1. Interesting read, since Italy, Germany and France are all in the semis now. (PDF here)

5 thoughts on “Bankers Predict the World Cup

  1. Ken

    The Germany vs Italy final wont happen but do you think the world cup officials and the refs are colluding to make this wish come true?
    I noted some pretty biased Ref in the Germany vs Argentina game plus that Italian penalty against Australia raised some eyebrows.

  2. Kagz

    In my books, as long as no african team is left standing & Brazil is out…then WC is over!

    See y’all in South Africa for WC 2010.

  3. bankelele

    Ken: Semi today – ABN are winners because a European country will triumph – with whatever economic boost that will bring

    Kagz: More people should plan for SA in 2010

  4. Ken

    Banks the worldcup is tilted towards European teams considering how many get seeded and fixed into lofty groups.
    If Africa want a chance beyond the quarters, we ought to get atleast the CAF Africa cup of nations winner seeded.
    I picked the quarters right and I think Italy will watch the finals on TV.

  5. coldtusker

    This is an “Economic” scenario for what match will best assist the world economy. Very well done & pretty convincing!

    BTW, they had 3-1 for Italy over Germany… & they were close close coz the score was 2-0!

    It makes sense coz a African win means little for the world economy since the spending power is negligible!

    I liked the comparison that the 10 “new” EU members’ economies are equal to Netherlands. BTW, Netherlands is NOT in even in the top 10 worldwide!

    Africa needs to put more passion into economic development to be taken seriously. Look at China & India. Nowhere in the WC but they are a year round positive news item e.g. high growth, outsourcing, trade surplus, etc

    In spite of a mediocre team, the USA team was noticed because of its economy!

    Ghana was forgotten as soon as they lost!

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