Bank Jobs (Uganda)

The web is international, and since many Kenyan are crossing over to Uganda to work there, here are four openings posted in the East African (January 3) to work for Stanbic Uganda. Deadline is January 14th

1. Manager Financial Accounting

2. Account Trainees (4 positions)

3. Relationship Manager – Vehicle and Asset Finance

4. Head of Compliance – legal/audit issues (D/L 7/1/05)

4 thoughts on “Bank Jobs (Uganda)

  1. Omitto Christine Adhiambo

    I am grateful for your acknowledgment that many Kenyans are crossing over to Uganda to earn a living,But its not only that but the way the lifestyle of the Ugandan people is,It is a place that is peaceful,and friendly and cheap in terms of food,movements,etc.I studied in Uganda though i am a Kenyan,but up to now i am looking for a job in Uganda and would love to go back and be part of that polite,comfortable life.If anyone can help me get a job over there i will appreciate.Thank you.

  2. Anonymous

    I hold a Masters in Finance from University of Northern Virginia and a Bachelor of Social Sciences (Economics Major) from Catholic University. I have worked with Multinational Banks such as Standard Chartered, Provident Bank and Chevy Chase Bank In the USA. My Latest Position was Head Teller/ Senior Support Officer with Chevy Chase Bank where I supervised 7 tellers and was in charge of all the Operational Aspects of the Branch. I have trained my Branch Staff in the different aspects of Operations and managed to achieve a 98% internal audit score for my branch. I have been recognized by my District Operations Officer for my excellence in Operations. I have a total of 8 years of experience having worked for 4 years as an Accounts Assistant and in various Sales roles too in the Banks. While this is a birds eye view of my experience i will be willing to submit my CV on request and discuss further my skills and experience in the interview. Anyone looking for expertise in the area of Banking operations please contact me. or 0712 435190

  3. kasozi abdu karim

    Thanks for every thing that you are doing, you said you are helping kenyans what about us ugandas.
    Am kasozi Abdu-karim and i have just finished my studies from Makerere University Kampala but i would like to be taken on by any employer so whoever is ihntrested in me sholud be able to contact me on +256-774-722-188,, i have socail skills and i work under mimum supervision and am ready to travel to any part of the country or out side the country.

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