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The Government of Kenya has re-activated plans to privatize two banks (likely to be National Bank of Kenya and Consolidated Bank) and is inviting investment banks or consultants to advise on the preparation of the two banks for privatization. Some aspects of the work include marketing the banks to buyers, feasibility & valuations, and selling off non-performing assets of the banks. Deadline for applications to the Bank Restructuring & Privatization Project ( is June 30 and the banks are expected to be sold on or before December 2007.

Kenya Commercial Bank is seeking companies to provide a core system to support the bank’s operations. Deadline is June 2.

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  1. Anonymous

    Hey Banks! You do a wonderful job! Did you hear that Trans-Century pulled out of the HFCK deal? I already bought some HFCK shares and I’m now thinking of selling them. I think this might drive the price down. What do you think?

  2. Anonymous

    KCB looks like it is going to experience some turbulence, as one who does these integration projects in the U.S ( I work for one of the big consulting firms) . you don’t build a whole system at once, but piece by piece. They have not even done prototypes, and feasability studies and they want to buy/build a system that interfaces with all their systems(which has a mixture of various software)? This has the sound of an overbudget or non-functioning system. The more things change the more they stay the same. Worked on a consulting project here where a bank undertook to overhaul every system at once, instead of an iterative process. At 3:00 in the afternoon, the system would slow down, and tellers would either have to do their transactions manually(and enter in the transactions at the end of the day) or tell the customers to wait. It was a mess. For those with bank accounts with KCB, make sure not all your money is tied up with KCB. This has the warning signs of a potential disaster.

  3. Rup

    Hi friend! I just chanced on to your site. The word ‘Kenya’, and anything written about banks in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania bring back fond memories. For, I had a great time working for some of the banks there, not very long ago. I had been a witness to the Kenya banks’ collapse in September 1998 and the overall scene thereafter. I still hope that I can go back to Nairobi (I simply LOVE the city; Kampala was cool too) some day, meet my old friends there ( I made quite a few, some are still in touch). So I search for anything East African. Good to see your site.
    Have a great day!

  4. R.

    Hi all,
    Did you know…that Stanbic Bank is in takeover talks with CFC Bank, Nairbi, Kenya? A ird told me this. Check out if it is still on

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