Anniversary Redux

Thanks for all the great comments on the 3rd anniversary post.

I’d also like to salute Kenyan Pundit, an inspiration to taking blogging mainstream, on her 4th anniversary (also the first blogger I met).

I’d also like to salute site sponsor Mama Mikes on their
new blog – hopefully that will spur more local companies to take up corporate blogging.

I’d also like to thank other financial bloggers who help share the burden of disseminating and discussing financial information as it occurs here – and these include Cold tusker, Fintrade Capital, Kenya Capital Investment Group, Nairobist, Odegle Nyang (who’s able to mix in political angles), Pesa Tu, Riba Capital, Aly Khan, Ka-Investor and Tanzania Common Cents to name a few.

Thank you for all the people who ay that they have been inspired to start blogging

You said, you said
– More AGM’s: absolutely! In fact, anyone who goes to an AGM is welcome to submit a report here
– Monetization; absolutely, always on the lookout for more sponsors. But this site will remain free. Even the WSJ and New York Times have realized that free content is the way to go
– Background: white/ black does not matter. But I’ m shocked that there are people having trouble reading the white screen.
– Job postings: will continue. They have been useful to some, but not to others
– M I hear you on your points.
– More writing on economics and inflation local development, other African countries, entrepreneurship – Yes
– Politics? No, I’d rather not, there’s enough elsewhere
– Partnerships with other bloggers? Women perspectives? I’d appreciate AGM reports, and any other posts of note for republishing. It’s amazing who know more about economics than you do and where you can learn more from unexpected sources. E.g. talking to Binyavanga Wainaina in Arusha I was amazed by his views on the work ethic and entrepreneurial potential of the Chinese companies and Eritrean nationals. He should write more on economic issues along with literature!

Any other suggestions, e-mail is on the about page

12 thoughts on “Anniversary Redux

  1. Frankie

    hi bankelele,
    well, been blogging for some months now, i hope to stay i blogosphere…for forever!

    will try to follow the other links to other kenyan bloggers!

  2. tornado

    Bankelele.. I admire your blog immensely it has been an inspiration to many people to start investing and blogging too. It s a shame when you read some website that are meant to be major players for kenyans on the net and all you see is tribal hatred and chauvinism. It really pains that we end up with such… talk to them or try not to have links to such websites from your blog…

  3. collins Mbalo

    Hi,i publish the blog A Nairobians Perspective!here and have found you among the pioneer bloggers to be worth of emulation due to the depth and clarity of content you publish.Keep up the good work and take the thought of domain name serious you deserve it and i believe you already have the critical mass to maintain one !

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