Africa Round-Up

GM Food
Kenyans and Africans are set to benefit from genetically modified maize.

Kofi Out?
Kofi Annan may resign in September as Secretary-General of the United Nations to halt an investigation in the Oil-for-Food scandal – which he has personally been linked to through Kojo, one of two children by his Nigerian first wife.

Nyama Choma is hot!
New Yorkers discover tasty goats while elsewhere, four men are arrested for stealing a goat to trade its meat for crack cocaine (from Drudge Report).

Oprah Zulu
Oprah Zulu has tested her DNA and discovered that she is a South African Zulu. “I’m crazy about the South African accent,” she said. “I wish I had been born here.”

No Respect
Tension is high between Rwanda and Uganda after Rwandan security forces detained and searched Ugandan President Museveni’s motorcade.