Achieving a work- life balance

Rob Parsons, the renowned author, lawyer, and motivational speaker gave talk on work-life balance that people must achieve in order to be happy, productive, workers i.e. by balancing time between their families and their careers. Some of his pointers:

– There are no slow days. Don’t ever say when you achieve you will sow done and devote time to your family once you achieve or attain A, B, or C. You will never slow down
– Don’t work so hard to give your children what you never had, that you forget to give them what you had
– Hire smart people (ala Richard Branson) – to give yourself time to think and remain creative
– No phone call is so important that it can’t wait for ten minutes for you to finish attending to your family first.
– You’re not irreplaceable at work even if you think you are. Your company can and will likely go on and do very well without you.
– Do something meaningful that you’ve always wanted to do today – as you never know if it could be your last day or breath.
– More leading companies are acknowledging the importance of giving their employees sufficient time to attend to family matters i.e. achieve a work-life balance

One thought on “Achieving a work- life balance

  1. mudskippah

    The link leads to an unrelated UTL page… In last year’s year-ending Economist issue (The World In 2007) there was an article in there about the diminishing importance of the work/life balance. Unless I read it wrong, it said that the people who’ll make it in the corporate world will be the ones putting in the hours and the sweat; work-hard is going to be more important than work-smart.

    I don’t agree with the magazine, I’ll have to go with Rob Parsons on this one.

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