A date with Sir Edward Clay

H. E. Sir Edward Clay, the British High Commissioner to Kenya, and renowned emetophobiac, will be the Guest Speaker at the Nairobi Central Business District Association’s (NCBDA) 1st quarterly luncheon for 2005, to be held on March 16. His topic: “Diplomacy, Politics and Investment – Kenya at the Crossroads”. The function should be a sell-out if it is not canceled or NCBDA are persuaded to invite a different speaker.

Emetophobia: fear of vomiting/those who fear seeing others being sick/fear being near people who are ill.

One thought on “A date with Sir Edward Clay

  1. Afromusing

    i wonder if there is any truth to the grumblings about British intentions not being altogether good. Granted the corruption is collosal, it would be interesting to see what bloggers can dig up.

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