A bit of politricks

AG woes
It’s not been a good week for the Attorney General’s (AG) office, even beyond the big rumour around town.

– Simeon Nyachae, the Minister for Energy who is being sued by Shem Ochuodho, the former Kenya Pipeline MD, has indicated that he does not want the AG to represent him – he will use his own lawyer instead.

– Also the Kenya Anti Corruption Commission will seek new powers to direct prosecution of cases without referring to the AG’s office. But the police currently have such powers, and have misued them – most recently to arrest and prosecute newspaper writers critical of the government.

Cabinet 2, Media 0
Foreign Affairs Minister Ali Mwakwere has been awarded Kshs. 3 million in a defamation suit he filed against Royal Media (Citizen TV). It had been widely reported that Mwakwere was one of three ministers who had been arrested in a crackdown on prostitutes on Koinange (K st. Nairobi) last year. The judge in the case twice refused to hear Citizen’s defence evidence from a woman, who came forward to present material evidence on the case.

Also, last week Martha Karua was awarded Kshs. 20 million shillings in defamation damages from a Nairobi tabloid.

Military Secrets
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