Bankers Predict the 2022 World Cup

The World Cup starts on November 20, in Qatar with the hosts playing Ecuador. A few bankers, economists and financial minds and machines have made predictions about the winners ahead of the month-long tournament that features 32 nations, with Cameroon, Ghana, Morocco, Senegal and Tunisia representing Africa.  Who will win? Mixed Picks Other:

Bankers Predict the World Cup – 2018 Edition

The 2018 World Cup is now in its semi-final stage. Let’s look at how some banks made their picks to win the tournament. Who was Predicted to Win the 2018 World Cup? Germany:  Was picked by UBS (Germany has a 24% chance of winning football’s ultimate prize, followed closely by Brazil and Spain, who respectively have […]

Bankers Predict the World Cup

In March this year, an Economics team made some interesting predictions about the now on-going World Cup. While the likely outcome then was that Brazil would defeat France in the final, the team predicted that the entire world economy would benefit most from Italy defeating Germany in the final 3 – 1. Interesting read, since […]

Bankers predict Euro 2021

The covid-delayed Euro 2020 soccer tournament kicks off tomorrow, on June 11, a year behind schedule. Ahead of soccer tournaments in past years, several banks including Goldman Sachs, ING, Nomura, UBS and ABN Amro have all made predictions of who will win. There’s more attention and interest with global tournaments, such as the World Cup […]

Kenya Predictions Reviewed

In November 2006, I wrote some predictions in the Business Post December 2006/January 2007 issue, in which I put forward ideas, expectations, and wishful thinking for the country in year 2007. Here’s a review of some of the Nostradamus-like thoughts: Hit: happened Miss: did not happen Whiff: almost did, or unclear and narrative AGRICULTURE: – […]