5 billion profit at Safaricom?

Any day now, Safaricom will announce their results for the year ended March 31 2005, and they should be a bonanza. Barclays bank earned 3.7 billion profit last year and East African Breweries made 3 billion. Meanwhile Safaricom was already at 2.7 billion profits after only six months this year – will Safaricom pass the 5 billion profit mark? Maybe.

Good news yes, but bad because they don’t share their good fortune with Kenyan shareholders – unlike Barclays or East African Breweries.

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    I love your blog. Incisive and to the point. Just in case you think we’re not reading! 😉

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    we all enjoy the blog…bookmarked it and everything…check it out daily with my email.sometimes even before my email.

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