3 Problems with multi-media messaging

From the Safaricom MMS User Guide

1. The subscriber must be a Safaricom Advantage customer. i.e. post-paid customers, who are less than 3% of subscribers
2. Each MMS message will cost Kshs. 20. Too expensive; Normal SMS cost 5 shillings and international are 10 shillings each
3. International MMS cannot be received. Why not?

4 thoughts on “3 Problems with multi-media messaging

  1. maitha

    lets give them time once celtel manages to do the same on their network then they will definately change the rates

  2. M

    Personally I’ve had enough of Safaricom’s nonsense. Their services are half baked, especially when it comes to data lines and, delivery of SMS and network quality.

    I’m taking a good look at Celtel’s services

  3. Anonymous

    Safaricom are a joke. Cannot send and receive MMS to and from Europe.
    Kenya is 5 years behind the rest of Africa.

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