22 November 1963

It happened long before I was born but this one event has fascinated me for as long as I can remember. It set the stage for the greatest web of conspiracy theories, signaled the end of an era, and plunged the world to new depths of the human horror.

Before 9/11 it was, and arguably still is, captured by and became the most-watched videotape in history. You can’t help but watch it again and again, second by second, this tragic moment in human history, the tape is silent but conveys cruelty, hope, horror – and screams many other emotions as a life ended while condemning others and altering millions more who questioned what they saw and what they were told

I have seen that tape in different formats, read dozens of books, seen hundreds of photographs, and postulated many more what-if and why-was, who-did-it variations in my mind. It goes on and on. Somehow this mystery may never get solved until the day the world stops and we can rewind to that moment of that dark day and watch it from multiple angles and have the answers revealed.

5 thoughts on “22 November 1963

  1. toiyoi

    Hey banks;
    Spin your own theory, write a book, and bingo, you are more dollars richer, and for doing what you love! DO not be skeptical, believe you can do it and just do it!

  2. Kudrinketh

    The 60s was a crazy decade,well lets see other nutables that were cut down by assasin bullets before their time:
    Patrice Lumumba
    John F. Kennedy
    Malcolm X
    Martin Luther King
    Robert F. Kennedy
    Tom Mboya
    Che Guevara

  3. No rhyme No reason

    The Kennedy shootind has actually shaped history and dictated a lot on how America viewed the rest of the world. I alwys wondered wht would have happened how he it would have been if he lived to serve his term. Would vietman/Kampuchea have happened? Would his brother have vied for presidency? Would he have lived? Whats bout Marilyn Monroe?

    Answers to queestions and as Toiyoi said, maybe a book idea.

    Great post

  4. bankelele

    toiyoi: enough books have been written, I don’t think I can add any new answers

    Kudrinketh: Very crazy time and this was the most public demonstration

    Kenyananalyst: Thanks, I’m going to keep changign the picture as my mood swings

    No rhyme No reason: One of thsoe “what if” questions. I ahve read a novel which “… to remember” (I ca’t remember the full title or author) which was about him surviving. I think (in the book) he struggled with medical recovery & memory issues for the rest of his term when his party eased him out.

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