2011 Kenya Bank Rankings

Comparing to last year with the 2010 top banks

11. NIC and National Bank (No. 7 last year) both with Kshs. 70.2 billion ($790 million) in assets and profits of about Kshs. 2 billion as at September 2011. National Bank falls from No. 7 as it has been passed by some fast growing banks on the list. Quiet year, NBK has grown it’s loan book by 52% compared to a year ago, but had less profit than last year which is odd for most banks. NIC is about 28% larger than a year ago in asset and will have about 3.75 billion in profit for 2011

10. Citibank Kenya (9. last year) September assets of Kshs. 71.6 billion and profits of 3.25 billion in another quiet year for the bank.

9 Diamond Trust (10) September assets of Kshs. 74.6 billion and profits of 2.4 billion deposits up 35% and loans up 45% from a year ago but with expenses growing at a slightly faster pace than income .

8. Commercial Bank of Africa (8) with September asset of Kshs. 75.7 billion and profits of 2.04 billion. Corporate bank made new came under political rad on the banking side, opened new branches in new malls in Nairobi like Junction, Galleria and then has re-branded in October with new logo. as excepted a rights issue is planned to right a capital adequacy position

7. Investment & Mortgages (last year 11) September assets of Kshs. 79.5 billion and profits of 3.2 billion in a quite year for the bank except for its’ rapid growth and entry into mortgage finance.

6 CFC Stanbic (6) September assets of Kshs. 145.2 billion and profits of Kshs. 2.38 billion. The bank just announced a rights issue. Earlier in the year, has some board changes with new Chairman, and this is the first year of separation of the assets of the insurance from the banking

5. Standard Chartered (4) September assets of Kshs. 165.7 billion and profits of Kshs. 5.49 billion. This is one of the few banks to have a lower profit than a year ago (Kshs 6.1 billion). Opened new headquarters, but it’s automation of customers service has led to some customer frustration – retail and corporate

4. Cooperative (3) September assets of Kshs. 167 billion and profits of Kshs. 5.45 billion. East African Newspaper this week announced that they will withhold divided to finance capital growth and postponed a planned rights issue to 2013 – and it was awarded best bank in Kenya by the Financial Times of London

3. Equity (5) September assets of Kshs. 172.6 billion and profits of Kshs. 8.25 billion. Another award winning year for the bank who pioneered agency banking model which has been followed by KCB and Co-Op. In the news doe accolades for their CEO, a deal to collect park fees for the Narok Council in the Masai Mara, becoming the latest Kenyan bank to diversify to Rwanda, but also for an about turn with the rest of the banking sector when they raised their lending rates from 15% to 25%

2. Barclays (2) September asset of Kshs. 180.9 billion and profits of Kshs 8.9 billion. A quiet year of modest growth for the bank in danger of being overhauled by Equity

1. KCB (1) September asset of Kshs 273.9 billion and profits of Kshs. 8.6 billion. Increased it’s gap from Barclays, and matches Equity’s reduced growth rate. Emphasized connectivity across East Africa, had a management shake up – and with i’s regional presents, it has assets of Kshs. 322 billion ($3.6 billon) and profits of Kshs. 9.1 billion ($103 million)