2009 Kenya Bank Rankings Part III – Other Intermediaries

In Part 1 was a list of all banks and Part 2 had the top 10 banks in Kenya this year. There are other financial intermediaries of note including:
UBA: launched in Kenya With a capital base of about 1.1 billion and now have 3 branches in Nairobi. UBA is reaching out to customers, embracing new media like blogs and twitter, – (@ubagroup and has gotten new funding – would rank in the low 20-soemthign of Kenyan banks after just a ½ year of operations
Faulu: Faulu Kenya Was licensed in July 2009 as the first deposit taking micro finance institution by the central bank of Kenya. Its balance sheet today would be about 6.5 billion, with over 2 billion in loans (last accounts seen are 2007)
KWFT: even larger than Faulu, is the Kenya Women Finance Trust. Its assets would be in the region of Kshs 15 billion, with about 12 billion in loans (extrapolating from 2008 accounts).
KWFT which is in government plans to convert to a women only commercial bank already has a national footprint or branch network that rivals any of the larger commercial bank and would rank somewhere in the teens of bank rankings

other intermediaries

SACCO’s: The Central Bank of Kenya estimates assets of the entire banking sector at Kshs. 1.18 trillion ($17 billion – CBK Governor speech in September 2009) while the Ministry of Cooperative Development estimates assets of the cooperative sector (SACCOS), with 12,000 societies and 8 million members at about 200 billion ($2.7 billion) – whose members save funds and borrow against these along with guarantees from other members in lieu of traditional bank collateral.

Some of the notable large SACCO’s (comparable in size to small & mid-size banks, but with larger customer bases) in the country are:
1. Harambee SACCO: (mainly civil servants) –with assets of 12 billion ($160 million), and loans of 7.5 billion and said to be the laregst SACCO in Kenya
2. Mwalimu SACCO: (mainly school teachers) with assets of 10.2 billion and loans of 9.2 billion
3. Afya SACCO: (mainly health industry workers) – assets of 4.75 billion, and loans of 3.79 billion
4. Kenya Bankers SACCO: bank industry workers with 3.3 billion in assets 2.8 billion in loans

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  1. gmeltdown

    The numbers show how the cooperative movement is highly underated. Since I discovered the SACCO a few months ago, I am yet to find a reason to borrow small ammounts from a commercial bank when I can borrow from the SACCO. Only challenge is to accumulate enough shareholding to raise the ammount of eligible credit.

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