2004 Bank Round-Up

Investment & Mortgages Bank (I & M)
The Bank increased its after-tax profit to 255 million (up from 195 million) It had customer deposits of 11.6 billion (up from 10.1 b) and advanced 8.2 billion in loans to customers (up from 5.3b). It’s net interest income increased 217 million (up from 160) and staff costs increased to 217 Million (from 160m) but which was probably offset by an increase in rental income when the Standard/KTN Group moved into the Bank’s I&M Towers (other income increased from 57 to 116 million)

Equity Bank (formerly Equity Building Society)
Equity is on an expansion binge to correct an anomaly according to their MD James Mwangi, who has expressed a desire to expand the Bank’s loan book to increase income. The bank has 5 billion in customer deposits, but has only advanced 2.87 billion to customers – at year end they had 1.9 billion at other banks and 580 million in government securities. Net interest income was 396 million (up from 257m), while other income was 640 (306m) – staff costs were 286 million (up from 167 million).

Commercial Bank of Africa (CBA)
The Bank which this month announced a merger with sister Bank, First American, ended the year with a net after-tax profit of 282 million, which was down from 380 million in 2003. Despite having customer deposits of 17.6 billion (up from 15 billion) the bank only has advanced of 5.3 billion as loans to customers (up from 4.3 billion) – it ended the year with 5.5 as cash in other Banks and 6 billion in government securities (down from 8.5) The Ban earned 401 million in net interest income, 304 million from government securities and 312 million from commissions.

Akiba Bank
Akiba Bank is only the second major bank to record a loss in 2004 (after Fina Bank) still the loss of 42 million was a vast improvement from a 550 million loss the bank reported in 2003. Its main problem is non-performing loans as the Bank had to provide 153 million for bad debts (877 million in 2003). The Bank has 3 billion in deposits and 2.3 billion in customer loans.

Guardian bank
Another bank with a huge bad loan book is Guardian Bank. The Bank ended 2004 with a profit of 36 million (37 million in 03) and it has customer deposits of 3.2 billion and loans of 2.5 billion; however, the Bank has a total non-performing loan portfolio of 910 million.

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